Live from Comic Con Liverpool: A Galactic Performance by Blues Harvest

A Star Wars Day to Remember

This May the 4th, Blues Harvest hit the main stage at Comic Con Liverpool, bringing an electrifying performance to one of Europe’s largest pop culture conventions. Amidst a day filled with fanfare and sci-fi flair, we turned ACC Liverpool into our very own musical galaxy, thrilling attendees with an unforgettable hour of iconic movie themes and rock classics.

The Setlist: A Time Machine in Tunes

We kicked off with the epic “STAR WARS” theme, instantly connecting with the crowd of enthusiasts. As we journeyed through hits like “HOOKED ON A FEELING” and tapped into childhood memories with “POWER RANGERS” and “THUNDERCATS,” each song was like a portal to another world. From the adrenaline-pumping “GHOSTBUSTERS” to the uplifting “MR BLUE SKY,” our set was a celebration of the stories that define us.

Special Moments on Stage

The highlight of our set was the brilliantly executed “FRAGGLE ROCK,” featuring Mike Quinn and his beloved puppet ‘Quinney.’ This brought a unique and joyful twist to our performance, blending classic puppetry with our vibrant tunes. Adding to the spontaneity, Thomas Deaton, decked out as the Black Power Ranger, leapt onto the stage for an impromptu dance during the “POWER RANGERS” theme. This unexpected collaboration was a hit, emphasizing the shared joy and community spirit that conventions like this are all about.

A Star-Studded Event

The presence of guests like Andy Serkis, Orlando Bloom, and Elijah Wood added a special buzz to the convention. Knowing such icons were in the same space, celebrating pop culture alongside us, really underscored the magnitude of Comic Con Liverpool. It’s a reminder of how these events serve as a melting pot for fans and stars alike, all united by their love for these incredible stories.

The Crowd: A Mosaic of Fandoms

The diversity of the audience, from hardcore cosplayers to families exploring the realm of sci-fi and fantasy together, made our performance even more special. Seeing fans from over 45 countries converge in one place, each bringing their own stories and enthusiasm, was truly inspiring.

Looking Ahead

As we pack up our gear and set our sights on the next adventure, we’re fueled by the energy and love we received at Comic Con Liverpool. Blues Harvest is more than a band—we’re part of a vibrant community of fans, a family that extends across the universe. We can’t wait to share our music and passion for sci-fi with you again.

Thank you, Comic Con Liverpool, and thanks to every fan who shared this incredible day with us. Until next time, keep rocking those galaxies and keep your spirits soaring!