The perfect sci-fi cantina band!

“Magnificent!” – Mark Hamill

Blues Harvest is a pop-culture party band that has been delighting audiences at comic-cons, space centres and cantinas across the galaxy for over a decade. Known for their crowd-pleasing performances and unique blend of classic film and TV-themed music, Blues Harvest has built up a most impressive reputation as the go-to party band for comic conventions and geek events.

Hailing from the UK, this talented sextet fuse geek culture, nostalgia and energetic performances at their memorable live shows, blending their musical influences with fandom culture to result in an uplifting set of timeless movie bangers (Power of Love, Ghostbusters, Flash, Footloose), movie and TV soundtracks (Star Wars, The Mandalorian, Doctor Who, Thundercats), 70s awesome mixtape highlights (Hooked on a Feeling, Mr Blue Sky) and plenty of surprises along the way. Their live shows are a multimedia feast, with movie and TV footage projected along with the music, evoking a nostalgic and cinematic experience.