Epic Hits, Iconic Themes – One Galactic Experience!

Blues Harvest are a pop culture party band who have been delighting audiences at comic-cons, space centres and cantinas across the galaxy for over a decade.

Adapting their name from ‘Blue Harvest’ (the fake working title used to hide the 1982 production of Return of the Jedi) the band first performed their blend of geek culture with movie themes and popular hits to an audience of Star Wars fans and celebrities at a convention in 2013, and since then have built up a most impressive reputation as the go-to party band for geek events.

The UK based six-piece consists of Darth Paul (vocals & percussion), Lapti Nik (guitar & vocals), Ad Bane (guitar & backing vocals), Androo-Detoo (keyboards & backing vocals), Bass Windu (bass guitar) and Andylorian (drums & backing vocals). This talented sextet effortlessly fuse geek culture, nostalgia and energetic performances at their memorable live shows, blending their musical influences with fandom culture to result in an uplifting set of timeless movie bangers (Power of Love, Ghostbusters, Flash, Footloose), movie and TV soundtracks (Star Wars, The Mandalorian, Doctor Who, Red Dwarf), 70s awesome mixtape highlights (Hooked on a Feeling, Mr Blue Sky) and plenty of surprises along the way. Their live shows are a multimedia feast, with movie and TV footage being projected along with the music, evoking a nostalgic and crowd-pleasing experience.

Since forming, Blues Harvest have had the opportunity of playing at various comic-cons, space centres and cantinas across the galaxy. Notable highlights include:

  • Disneyland Paris – Blues Harvest’s first show outside of the UK saw them travel to Paris in 2018 to celebrate the Star Wars and Marvel universes with a special show at Disneyland. 
  • The National Space Centre – the band were invited to perform at Leicester’s National Space Centre in 2018 and 2019, performing their Star Wars inspired music amongst exhibitions about space science and astronomy.
  • Star Wars Celebration Chicago – in 2019 the band were invited to perform at ‘A Night at Canto Bight’ – a multi-club event in Chicago as part of Star Wars Celebration. Blues Harvest entertained 3,000 Star Wars fans at the event with their renditions of Star Wars themes and other popular sci-fi movie songs.
  • The Forge – In 2023 Blues Harvest were booked by Disney+ to perform their arrangements of music from The Mandalorian at a pop-up event to promote the show. The immersive ‘forge’ experience saw Blues Harvest act as an in-universe cantina band for attendees, including star Pedro Pascal and creator Jon Favreau (who stopped by to congratulate the band during the event).
  • #CANTINA – this was a huge wrap-up party following Star Wars Celebration Europe in London in both 2016 and 2023; Blues Harvest appeared at both events alongside Northern Irish rockers Ash at this special gig for over 2,000 Star Wars fans, most recently taking place at Indigo @ the O2.
  • Bluedot Festival – in 2023 Blues Harvest made their Bluedot debut, entertaining a festival crowd of space aficionados at the music, science and culture event in the shadow of Jodrell Bank’s Lovell Telescope. 
  • The Blues Harvest Holiday Special – taking tongue-in-cheek inspiration from the ill-fated ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’, this annual event has been a fixture in the diaries of Preston based geeks since 2016. Every December Blues Harvest like to celebrate that year’s achievements with an end of year party, regularly inviting special guests to join them for their annual celebration.


Along the way the band have collaborated with notable celebrities, such as Ray Parker Jr (Ghostbusters), David W Collins (Star Wars), David Bradley (Game of Thrones / Harry Potter), Taylor Gray & Vanessa Marshall (Star Wars Rebels), Jett Lucas (Star Wars) and Mike Quinn (Star Wars / Labyrinth).

“Magnificent! The lyrics, performance and John Williams’ theme fade-out: PERFECTION.”
– Mark Hamill

“Blues Harvest rocks!”
– Ray Parker Jr

“What a din.”
– Warwick Davis

Inspired by franchises such as Star Wars, Back to the Future, Ghostbusters, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more, Blues Harvest is the perfect cantina band to celebrate the sci-fi, comics and fantasy genres. Follow their exploits on Facebook, Instagram and on their website at www.bluesharvest.co.uk

To book the band contact Andy Lyth at andy.lyth@gmail.com