“Revenge of the Fifth”: A Night of Intergalactic Rock at The Snug, A Venue with a Heart

A Celebratory Evening at a Cherished Venue

Just one day after our high-energy performance at Comic Con Liverpool, Blues Harvest found ourselves in a much cozier but equally spirited venue—The Snug in Atherton. This intimate setting, with its deep roots in the community and a vibrant history as a grassroots music hub, played host to our “Revenge of the Fifth” celebration, a sold-out show dedicated to Star Wars and unforgettable tunes.

The Snug’s Special Story

Before diving into the night’s festivities, it’s worth noting the remarkable journey of The Snug. Once a bakery, this venue has transformed into a beloved concert hall, known for its palpable energy and the closeness it fosters between performers and the audience. Recently, The Snug’s future was secured through the Music Venue Trust’s innovative “Own Our Properties” plan, which allows fans and the community to invest directly in the preservation of live music spaces. This initiative not only saved The Snug from potential closure but also ensured it remains a nurturing ground for music talents, both established and emerging.

The Galactic Set List

The evening kicked off with the grand “STAR WARS” theme, echoing through the walls of The Snug and setting an exhilarating tone. From “MONKEY MAGIC” to “HOOKED ON A FEELING,” each track we played was a nod to iconic moments in pop culture, resonating deeply with the crowd. The first set was a whirlwind of emotions, with high-energy themes from “POWER RANGERS” and “THUNDERCATS,” and a dive into sci-fi with “DOCTOR WHO” and the adrenaline-pumping “LIVE AND LET DIE.”

An Intimate Yet Epic Second Set

As the second set began with “CANTINA BAND,” the audience was instantly transported to the lively scenes of Tatooine. Songs like “WILD WILD WEST” and “THE HEAT IS ON” kept the energy high, while classics like “FOOTLOOSE” and “POWER OF LOVE” had everyone dancing. The night reached its peak with the dramatic “BAT OUT OF HELL” and “FLASH,” before wrapping up with the comedic tune of “RED DWARF” and the uplifting “JUMP.”

A Community United by Music

“Revenge of the Fifth” at The Snug was not just about celebrating Star Wars; it was a testament to the spirit of community and the shared passion for music that venues like The Snug foster. We’re incredibly grateful to have been part of such a special night, surrounded by fans who are as passionate about music and storytelling as we are.

Thanks to everyone who joined us at The Snug for making it an unforgettable night. These are the shows that remind us of the magic of live music and the importance of supporting local venues. We look forward to many more nights filled with music, camaraderie, and a little bit of intergalactic adventure.