Blues Harvest thrill at For the Love of Horror

On Saturday 22nd October we finally returned to Bowlers in Manchester after a 3 year absence to perform at the ‘For the love of Horror‘ afterparty. Joining us on the lineup were legendary oiled-up saxman Tim Capello (who still believes), Friday the 13th’s First Jason (featuring actual first Jason Vorhees actor Ari Lehman), the bloody good Titus Strongman, and real-life boogeyman Cadaverous Black. It was a packed monster of an event, with DJ Jason Anstice keeping the party going in between acts.

With an audience full of ghouls, monsters, witches and slashers the stage was set for a treat of a night. Topping the bill meant we had the chance to enjoy all of the acts throughout the event, and each one was outstanding in a different way. It really felt like a carnival full of sideshow acts for a fun-hungry audience.

Of course we had to look the part…

American Psycho (Jess), Squid Game contestant (Adam), Darth Maul (Andrew), Jack Torrance (Andy) and Teen Wolf (Paul), getting ready to entertain.

When we took to the stage the event was slightly over-running, so we had little time to spare between songs. Blasting through our set of spooky tunes and Blues Harvest classics we kept the crowd dancing for just over an hour of “banger after banger” (according to one commenter on instagram)!

A brilliant evening, and a welcome return to conventions. Our next stop is Great Yarmouth for the Sci-Fi Weekender, and with other exciting shows in the pipeline it feels incredible to be back!