Blues Harvest: Made in Space – The Live album, out now.

Comic-con band and geek favourites Blues Harvest have had a thrilling journey over the last few years; performing shows at comic conventions, intimate venues and large-scale events including appearances at Disneyland Paris and Star Wars Celebration Chicago as well as across the UK.

Now the band have just released their first live album, ‘Made in Space’.  The album was recorded live in concert at the band’s annual ‘Blues Harvest Holiday Special’ which took place in December 2019 at The Continental in Preston, UK. Celebrating a range of geek and genre cultures, ‘Made in Space’ includes music from and inspired by Star Wars, Marvel, Ghostbusters, Back to the Future and more; with tracks such as ‘Hooked on a Feeling’, ‘Footloose’, ‘Cantina Band’, ‘The Power of Love’ and ‘Tatooine Sunset’.

The album is now available to listen to on Spotify, and will soon be available for purchase / streaming on many other platforms including Amazon Music, iTunes and more.

Full tracklisting:

1.       Star Wars

2.       Death Star

3.       Tatooine Sunset

4.       Chewbacca

5.       Doctor Who

6.       The Avengers

7.       Immigrant Song

8.       Cantina Band

9.       Hooked on a Feeling

10.   Obi-Wan Kenobi

11.   Mr Blue Sky

12.   Footloose

13.   Ghostbusters

14.   The Power of Love